Ducati  Intake  Manifolds,  250 350 450cc

Italian made intake manifolds for a variety of 250-450cc singles. All the manifolds have the regular 53mm bolt hole spacing and take the standard Ducati rubber manifold insulators. Both the 29mm manifolds have a 35mm OD that fits both SSI 29mm & VHB 29/30mm carbs but won't work on UB 20-24mm carbs. The 29mm "A" manifold is the same as a 250cc Diana with a SSI 29mm carb. The 29mm "B" manifold has more bend to it moving the carb away from the rear frame tube. This is for bikes with VHB carbs and may also be used on custom applications. The 27mm manifold has a 32mm OD and fits 27mm SSI carbs without a plastic insulator.

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