!!!  Poor Quality,  Fleabay  Junk,  No  Longer  Sold   !!!

We have had lots of requests for the inexpensive replica Veglia racing tachometers so here they are. Not to be confused with the excepitionaly nice Italian made versitions ( we have those too ) these are a alternative to the real thing for less money. This Tachometer has the famous 80mm White face and 4:1 ratio and used on lots of Ducati bevel singles and twins of the 1960's and 70's. Tachs uses the standard Veglia 16 X 1.0 cable and bevel twins must have the correct Veglia 4:1 tach drive unit to work. We have two versitions of these with and without the red line and they are in two different listings. These tachs are not serviceable and do not have a removable bezel like the original Italian made ones.

Veglia Ducati Bevel Tachometer, Red Line 4:1 Ratio VEG22336RED